Capturing Documents Going Forward

Over the past several weeks, we have covered how to handle the historical data process using the IDM bulk import tool, Spreadsheet Designer Plus, and Yoga Connect. Once you've got your historical documents taken care of, it is important to consider how to optimally capture documents going forward. 

The first option is integrating your current ECM product with Infor. Say you're still using your current ECM for clinical records or some non-ERP related document storage – you could likely scan those documents via your current ECM and use its workflow and integration capabilities to get them into CloudSuite. Infor provides its own capture utility tool called IDM Capture, but there are other lightweight scanning and cognitive capture alternatives on the market that we’ll dig into later in this blog series. 

Whatever your current ECM software is, once you have your historical documents in place, you can leave your ECM solution up and running before modifying your current workflow so that documents received up until the end of that process get exported. IDM Capture is a tool provided by Infor and powered by Ephesoft Transact that is single tenant and hosted on AWS. 

Once you procure IDM Capture, Infor will stand up your environment to be administrated by someone in your organization. It is supported through ION integrations and BODs from Infor, which is one of its best features. Infor is actively developing and maintaining the product to ensure that the integration functions correctly. Using it requires administration training sessions provided by Infor, where they cover how the product integrates with CloudSuite using the API layer and some ION workflows to manage those BODs throughout the process. 

Next week we will look at another cognitive capture option – stay tuned! 

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