Getting Your ROI from a Migration to the Cloud

Last week, I discussed why it is important to shift your mindset about a CloudSuite migration away from that of a standard upgrade. You should think of this as a time to invest in your back office and get the ROI we often seek when transitioning to a new ERP system. In the past, upgrades were done simply to remain in compliance with regulatory needs or maintenance agreements. CloudSuite provides the opportunity to get real value from your ERP – there is a lot to consider because you should be thinking beyond just your Infor applications. You should be evaluating your entire application portfolio to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and better the end user experience. To accomplish this, you need a holistic planning approach alongside a strong methodology. 

The message here is to plan for the big cookie, but what are some bites you can take today at a low cost with high value? “Pre-planning” offers the opportunity to discuss more strategic things you can do without having to pause the entire implementation in the future. I’m talking about data conversion strategy, go live strategy, resource staffing, in and out of scope applications, sponsors, timelines, etc. All of this is important but when you do it as part of an implementation, you have a high burn. What I mean by this is that you would have a ton of resources all engaged and billing, so these discussions become rushed because of the pressures of high cost.  

Having a much smaller pre-planning engagement with a firm like RPI gives you the benefit of a small burn rate, as well as a facilitator to guide you through the pros and cons of each of these. If you are a CFO, Controller, or the person doing the budgeting, pre-planning speaks to your needs and can be tailored to fit with your strategies. It allows you to sharpen your pencil on the estimates, and I will even go so far as to say it saves you money. If you know your conversion strategies, scope and process work going in, you will be able to reduce that portion of the implementation effort that might put strain your team later on in the project.

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