How Pre-Planning Prevents Resourcing Gaps

"Whenever we engage with teams that have done their homework ahead of an implementation, it makes things move so much more smoothly. The level of resource that you need to bring to the project is going to be impacted by the clarity of the scope and timeline. In addition to what's being implemented and in how much time, understand that you're calibrating to how much resource you're going to need. If you're planning to implement everything under the sun in 9 to 12 months, you will need a huge amount of resource inputs to make that happen.

Identifying any available flexibility in the timeline might help you dial back a little bit on the resources. This is a time phased effort that will occur over many months – anticipating where there could be blockages is a smart thing to do, so you should prepare your project schedule to avoid those timeframes. Any implementation partner who is worth their salt will be able to help you evaluate who is needed during what phase and when, instead of you assigning people to a project whose work may not start for several months."

We’d like to thank Justin for being a guest on the pre-planning blogs for the past few weeks. I’d like to expand on some of those resource requirements are going to be and what their daily responsibilities are today. I know we beat this drum endlessly, but you must have appropriate staffing levels. If you're understaffed, this is not the time to take on a project of this size. If you decide to anyway, it is essential that you backfill your employees. One of the things that still surprises me to this day is when people are surprised by how much time & effort it takes to successfully migrate to the cloud. There's so many of these projects that have happened, partners who have worked on them, customers who have made the move, you’d think people would realize that this is no walk in the park. That is exactly where a CloudSuite pre-planning engagement could help you figure everything out before problems start to come up.


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