How to Complete a Successful Migration to the Infor Cloud

How does pre-planning for your organization’s CloudSuite migration benefit you? It minimizes the risk of the project being over budget or timeline, or even project failure all together. Having our consultants guide you through this process gets everyone on the same page as in terms of what your goals are and what resources are needed to get it done.

If you can establish that upfront, you're in the best position to get into a CloudSuite project and complete it on time on function. That's the number one benefit – the second is eliminating surprises and getting your organization ready. One surprise we run into is how much time must be dedicated to complete this project." This is not something you want to spring on the team, especially if you have not taken the time to backfill the people who will be involved with this endeavor, which helps prevent resourcing gaps.

There are many other benefits to going through a pre-planning exercise ahead of your ERP system moving to the cloud. Aside from the opportunity for organizational alignment ahead of the kickoff, there are some activities you can do now that will help you as the project ramps up, such as cleaning up master data and ensuring there is enough time for data conversions. If you’d like to read more about pre-planning for v11 Infor CloudSuite, you can check out our blog here.

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