Loading Time Records & Deductions from S3 to the Cloud

Recently, we’ve been discussing the conversion of historical data and how to load it into your Payroll system. Let’s bring your attention to time record date. It's common to load a period end date in there, which is something that goes for paymaster, PR time, and deduction tables as well. Some people use that to fill in time record (which is fine), but it's not the true detail of when the employee worked on that day, so bring in the actual PR time as a field called time record. S3 has a field called pay rate, which is also used for amount. The S3 system knows when it's a pay rate versus an amount, but GHR has two separate fields now. This means that while you convert, you have to pay attention to putting the right amount in the right spot based on the record you bring in.

Another record type is the deduction. It's pay deduction master, which is known as the pay deduction table in S3. In the same way as before, you want to reflect all your main key fields and bring all your GHR mapping field for it as well. You'll populate the field on the record that relates to the deduction code, and since deduction code does not apply for the record type (the wage), that would be time record. This code only applies in this specific situation, whereas if you go back to previous record, you'll have a pay code. That's why deduction code, pay code, you only apply the value of the record you want to upload. Everything related to that in deduction amount, as well as any additional details you load related to that record, will then show up on the employee checks in GHR.

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