Making the Most of Your Migration to the Cloud

Last week, I spoke about the opportunity for GL redesign that a CloudSuite migration provides. When you do anassessment ahead of a project,you realize where opportunities exist that you can scope into the implementation.If yourecurrentlyworking with a lot of grantsand managing them in Excel, perhaps it is time to move everything into the grant module. Maybe it is time put those legacy Crystal reports into Birsttoautomate them.


Although these aren’t particularly urgent items to deal with, it would be nice to knock them out during this project. An assessment is a process facilitated by a team of consultants to analyze how your business operates as whole so that they can point you to the correct modules to streamline your processes. Taking the time to go through this evaluation will allow you to calculate the ROI and determine if it should be in or out of scope. 


My passion in life is digital transformation. I call myself “The Unicorn” because I take the time to understand your business and how technology can solvecomplex problems. I believe these offerings of pre-planning,GL design hosting, and assessments are great,low-cost waysto begin your journey. Companies often buy a full implementationonly to havescope and change ordersbecomethe norm because they didnt plan. Our solution offerings are designed to lessen that pain. 

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