A Brief Rundown of the Payroll History Import Process

For the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing how the whole process of Payroll History Import works within the GHR system. In a nutshell, you import your historical data, the system runs the conversion process, and then you can manually fix any errors that may have come up. When you are correcting these, we recommend using an ISD download and upload if you want to change anything, unless you miss a pay code name. In that situation, you want to rename it instead of purging everything again and starting over. Afterwards, you can do a massive upload and reprocess that data to make sure everything is correct.

Of course, we monitor all these steps I mentioned here like the DB import and anything that uses an async process, although you should be doing this as well. This should be done not just on the screen where you’re monitoring the non-process and error tab, this, but you also want to monitor those async processes to make sure they don't fail. When an async fails, your process will just sit there and nothing will happen, even though you may think it’s running. Having both our team and yours keep an eye on this prevents any holdup when you go to run your payroll at the end of a pay period.

Once you've done one month, you go through it and keep loading the next month until you have finished. I recommend you load all your data through the import and run this process because that creates all pending payments, which is something you need to do for each of those months. For example, if you have eight months to upload for 2021, you want to do this process all the way through. That's just a brief overview of what the overall end-to-end process is and how it runs.

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