Reports, Data, and Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) – They Are All Connected

Reports are another opportunity to evaluate your system and determine if it is still meeting the needs of your organization. Many people are still running Crystal (even if they deny it, I guarantee I’ll find some Crystal reports somewhere) while still using Excel or Access as key parts of their processes. I can’t talk about reporting without talking about enterprise content management. Where is your information and how do people access it? Now is the time to address this problem, which is where we come in to help. This examination will touch non-ERP areas such as SharePoint or O365, so you must understand that making sense of your data is important. Unfortunately, data is just difficult to speak of in the way of reports or how it is stored and architected separately. One determines how easy the information is to access and thus report on it. Again, one must think holistically about their environment, whether it is large or small. Without doing so, reporting will always be a complex afterthought.

With the advent of tools such as Tableau, licenses are now distributed across your environment instead of being consolidated which creates a few opportunities. You don’t know what reports folks are creating or who they are distributing them to for what purpose. What if the calculations are wrong? What if three people are creating essentially the same reports? Everyone needs to take a step back and consider how are these reports are integrated into the process, if they could be automated, and what are they being used for (if anything). Maybe this report is no longer necessary because processes have changed or the data is no longer relevant – regardless, this is a place to stop and take a look at what is being done here.

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