Ways to Support Your Team During a CloudSuite Implementation

Keith & I have spent a lot of time digging into the technical side of a CloudSuite implementation and detailing the...

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All About Data: What to Consider Ahead of a CloudSuite Migration

Every organization is different when it comes to their data and what needs to be brought over during a cloud migration...

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How Change Management Enables Employees to be Successful

Over the course of our conversation around pre-planning, we have emphasized the importance of prioritizing change...

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How to Complete a Successful Migration to the Infor Cloud

How does pre-planning for your organization’s CloudSuite migration benefit you? It minimizes the risk of the project...

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What are some of the benefits of pre-planning for CloudSuite?

Over the course of our discussion around getting ready for CloudSuite, we have covered a variety of topics about how...

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Pre-Planning: A Chance for Organizational Alignment

Some people ask us, "If I do pre-planning, does that mean I don't have to do planning during a project?" I want to...

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Why Research is Important Ahead of an ERP Implementation

To be as prepared for a CloudSuite implementation as possible, one thing you can do today is your own independent...

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How Pre-Planning Prevents Resourcing Gaps

Whenever we engage with teams that have done their homework ahead of an implementation, it makes things move so much...

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The Importance of List Development

Continuing his ongoing discussion around change management, Justin Braun is back to suggest some ways that leaders can...

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