The Importance of Backfilling Functional Leads during a Payroll Implementation

During our design meetings for GHR Payroll implementations, we make sure to have everybody involved. Doing this ensures...

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Functional Team Leads & Super Users: The Hands-On People

Today, we would like to provide an overview of what the roles and responsibilities are on the client side during a ...

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A Key to Managing Competing Projects in the Public Sector

Barbie Hunley: Now let's address current and future non-ERP project initiatives. What we mean by that is really those...

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Bringing the Right People to the Table

Barbie Hunley: The next item goes back to our employees, which is dedicating key employees to the project.

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The Importance of Having the Right Project Staff for an ERP Implementation

Barbie Hunley: With regards to the people and organization, the first characteristic that we advise people is really to...

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