Optimizing Intelligent Automation to Avoid Wasting Money

If you've been following this blog (or my podcast), then you would know that I refer to myself by the title "Chief...

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Addressing Cloud ERP Concerns, Straight from the TechPro Unicorn

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to help you see through the clouds of modern ERP systems and understand how...

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Considerations Before Embarking on a Cloud Migration Project

My recent discussions on this blog have focused on parsing through the information you will encounter when researching...

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Seeing Through the Clouds of an ERP Migration

There’s so much information to sort through when you are preparing to move your ERP off a legacy system. It often...

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The Magic of GL Redesign

If you have taken your organization through a pre-planning exercise before migrating to a cloud-based ERP system, then...

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Getting Your ROI from a Migration to the Cloud

Last week, I discussed why it is important to shift your mindset about a CloudSuite migration away from that of a...

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Avoiding the Trap of Standardization

I spoke last week about my strategy when assisting a client with a digital transformation project. I’d like to continue...

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How to Make Your Digital Transformation Project Work For You

When leading teams through digital transformation projects, I finetuned my approach over the years – the result was the...

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