Avoiding the Purchase of Unnecessary Software Licenses

I spoke last week about why strategy is the foundation for implementing new technologies, so let’s take a look at why....

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How Complexities Pave the Way for Innovation

Given all the complexities of healthcare today, chances are you need to look at a redesign of your GL. This is...

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Reports, Data, and Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) – They Are All Connected

Reports are another opportunity to evaluate your system and determine if it is still meeting the needs of your...

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Application Life Cycle Management in Healthcare ERP

As the functionality of ERP has advanced, it’s time to discuss application life cycle management. Call it whatever you...

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Do Customizations Really Lead to Differentiation?

Let’s talk about the hundreds (or thousands) customizations that many of you have built up over the years. These...

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A Process-Based ERP for Healthcare

Over the last fifteen years of software implementations, ERP systems have generally evolved to be process based. Wait –...

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The Push for Automation in Healthcare

Healthcare is lagging behind every comparable industry in its utilization of automation. This setback is caused by...

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