The Power of Combining RPA & ERP

Last week, I discussed how the complexities in the healthcare industry pave the way for innovation. Let’s explore how that relates to the human resources family of modules within an ERP system. For the last few years, people have started to understand some of the potential benefits of this space, but not fully realize how it can improve an organization’s day-to-day business processes. When combined, RPA and ERP can have the greatest reduction of costs, a timeliness of process, and the greatest impact to employee experience. Although this idea really deserves its own post, I can share stories of customers who, with the correct guidance, reduced call center traffic and staff in HR/Payroll by over 50%. 

How you may ask? The fact that automation and self-service are now included in ERP is a huge step forward. It’s also important to rethink your best of breed strategy in HR systems – when you consolidate your applications, you reduce the swivel chair integration that exists even with the best of systems and create a seamless real time environment where data moves seamlessly. Then, you can begin to key off HR data in your ERP to drive all kinds of external processes like access and security or travel, etc. 

Not all ERP will be able to stand alone here without some spot help from RPA. Regardless of the tool (Kofax and Blue Prism are my choices), they really complement the tools in ERP and automate your end-to-end processes like payroll, benefits, recruiting, administration of termination, leaves, or separation. What I am stressing is this whole area has seen a focus in the past few years that now can be realized. You can easily create a road map on these technologies over a few years to make them consumable. You should be able to re purpose 30% of your HR workforce depending on the size of the department.

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