Avoiding the Purchase of Unnecessary Software Licenses

I spoke last week about why strategy is the foundation for implementing new technologies, so let’s take a look at why. Consider a customer who recently bought a bunch of software licenses from a vendor that was promising they would solve the problem, only to find out that those software vendors just want to sell licenses. They didn’t take any time to understand any of the problems faced by the organization to see if their technology aligned to solve them, leaving the customer to go off with a purchase order for shelf-ware that is useful, just not for their particular set of issues. We have worked with clients like this by laying out their many problems clearly before presenting them with a strategy devised for them, instead of just presenting them with technology & moving on. This plan put forth a roadmap around people, processes, technology, and ROI that they could easily follow.

Another example I’d like to bring up is a situation where a customer jumped into a large ERP implementation without clearly defining what they were trying to accomplish through it. They swore they did not want a lift and shift but had no plan to address the processes or transformation needed. Not having a clearly delineated budget, resources, or any semblance of a plan meant they got a lift and shift. We offered several pre-planning engagements to stop the insanity, but it is critical to focus on the effort you are about to undertake so you can be successful in transforming your business processes.

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