A Business-Process Focused Implementation

Barbie Hunley: One of the most important things to do when you're going through an ERP implementation is to outline your business processes as early as possible. Most companies or municipalities will ensure that they also have outlined their requirements in a very detailed fashion, which is a step in the right direction - a level up from that would be doing the same for your business processes.

Joe previously mentioned that we come across some really progressive RFPs that actually document those future processes. That’s a great place to start because it allows us to keep everything at a high enough level to ensure that we can support that business process as we move through the implementation. At the end of the day, it's pretty common for a client to realize, "Oh, that requirement I thought I needed, I don't need" (an vice versa) once we're in the design phase.

Barbie Hunley: Joe, I think you’d agree that it can get really dangerous when we start going into the weeds and you start going through your processes in an ad hoc and piecemeal fashion. If you don't come up a level higher and start to consider if all, say, these 50 business processes really need to go live?  If those business processes don't really fit, is it worth delaying the project two or three months or going into another phase with them?

Joe Hoover : Right. We think the best way to stay within the rails is to revisit and update the strategic business transformation process, the objectives, and each area's established goals for places for optimization and efficiency. Focus on those key business transformation objectives and understand that while you can't cover it all at the same time, it could become a subsequent phase.

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