A Cloud Migration is not an Upgrade, It's a Re-Implementation

When it comes to the Infor solution perspective for Essentials, there are certain things you'll want to take advantage of, or at the very least consider implementing in the financial component of the system.

Let's say you are currently running an Infor product on premises. You've been running it for a long time and the move to the multi-tenant cloud has been positioned as an upgrade. This means that your data, along with the architecture, gets moved over into a multi-tenant environment. While that might be okay for some customers, the new General Ledger in this cloud system has capabilities that the on premises system did not have.

If you think of this as just an upgrade, you're losing out on some of the capabilities if all that's happening is moving the data to the cloud. The reality is that you're moving from on-premises v10 S3 Lawson Financials to the multi-tenant v11 General Ledger, and there are some big differences between them. We want customers to know about the new feature functionalities, the new dimensions, the new capabilities of the ledger, etc. In fact, a number of people have told us how excited they are to move to v11 because they are aware of all the changes, while the ones who think this will be just like an upgrade are usually quite confused.

For this reason, we need to make sure that customers moving to that system actually are trained in what they need to know so that they can set the system up differently. By definition, that means changing the general ledger chart of account structure to some degree, maybe the financial reporting, and also how information is entered into the system because new fields might be in certain places. Thinking of it as an upgrade is almost a misnomer - instead, you almost have to think of it as a reimplementation of the same system.

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