A Day in the Life of a Managed Services Contract with RPI

What should you expect if you have a managed services contract with RPI? To start, we utilize an easy-to-use ticketing system to report and track issues. For example, one of our clients audits our changes to their production environment on a yearly basis. The reporting we provide makes this process easy - as simple as sending an email to your custom ticketing email address provided by your RPI project manager.

Our goal is to make the process of strengthening your solution as smooth and seamless as possible. As far as communication goes, it’s all up to the client’s preference. We have reports to show hours utilized per month, per week, per day, and to provide details on issue resolution. Typically, we will have monthly, quarterly, or annual touchpoint meetings to cover open or resolved items, as well as goals or strategy for the upcoming time period. However we can best communicate with you, and however we can best leverage our tools to help you, is what we’ll be doing.

Now let’s look at a current managed services client who is very happy with their solution. They are a large vehicle manufacturing company in the Midwest who uses Perceptive Content and Brainware. We have a long history with this client, and RPI has led them through multiple successful implementations, upgrades, and enhancement projects.

Upon finishing one of the aforementioned initial projects, the client quickly realized that they could still use a little more help. They needed on-demand Perceptive Content and Brainware support, in addition to assistance with optimizing their OCR efficiency. Fortunately, we’ve had great success assisting them with this effort. One of the items they requested was creating or tweaking Brainware Learnsets, which improves straight-through processing efficiency by reducing manual work on invoices from high-volume vendors, saving money and increasing the ROI over the long term.

In a couple weeks we’ll continue discussing client case studies and what a managed services contract with RPI can help you accomplish!

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