A Key to Managing Competing Projects in the Public Sector

Now let's address current and future non-ERP project initiatives. What we mean by that is really those other projects that you may have coming up, so for instance maybe you're starting a multifactor authentication while also engaging in an ERP project. Or perhaps, you're redoing your whole process for onboarding and you typically onboard 200 people a year, whatever it might be.

One thing to consider when you have competing projects whether they're current or planned out for the future, is that they will sometimes impact the resources you have assigned to the project. It's very clear that you know either through your IT organization or through your budget and financial reports, which projects are on the horizon, because those could impact your resources and having distracted resources assigned an ERP project could impact the timely completion of activities, which impacts a successful implementation go-live date. Some of these seem very simple, but they're often overlooked.

Sometimes, plan as we might, the project schedule doesn't always do what we want it to do. Beyond the perspective into the local project horizon, really ensuring that we have that executive support is crucial to a top down approach and an  integrated approach to make sure that the executive level is supportive. The goal here is that the team understands really from the get-go, how important and critical this project is to the success of the company itself.


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