A Look at RPI’s Yoga Content Solution

In our ongoing discussion around ECM software, we have covered how IDM, Kofax Express, and Spreadsheet Designer Plus capture documents. We’ve also introduced you to our Yoga Connect import tool, so now, let’s dive into our Yoga Content solution. It is cloud-native, multi-tenant solution that has powerful integration with Infor CloudSuite FSM, and features both cognitive services and workflow, meaning not only can you capture documents, but you can also extract data for enrichment, or bring it into your existing or new workflows.  

Not only does Yoga Content allow for end-to-end integration, but it also lets us work past those interface screens. Instead of just placing a document or an image into an interface, we can dynamically call back to find out if the document upload was successful before bringing that data back for review. When it comes to invoices, Yoga Content can even go one step further to find out if there are any errors so that, if not, it can automatically match or submit the invoice for approval. 

As a premium service handled by RPI Consultants, our clients are not responsible for installation of servers or infrastructure for Yoga Content. All necessary support and modifications are handled by RPI, in-house. It is also important to note that Yoga Content doesn’t require a dedicated IT resource or overhead for administrative staff – instead, it's all completely managed via SLAs. 

Next week, we will cover some of Yoga Content’s EDI capabilities and discuss how these create a more robust tool for capturing documents.

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