A Picture of Payroll Testing Support

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we had just begun the unit testing for a client's payroll implementation. So everything was from unit testing all the way through go-live was 100% remote for us. We were able to easily adapt to the project. The team lead was their only payroll person. It was her idea to have daily team calls. We had an online Microsoft Teams meeting that was just an open meeting for her and me.

After we started user testing, once she was trained, I handed the system over to her. Anytime something needed to be changed, a pay code needed to be changed, a deduction needed to be changed, etc., she did all the edits in the system. I was hands off. I was there to support her. We would screen share and she was doing all of the maintenance in the system at that point. When we did our unit testing, we actually did a handful of live checks and we did a parallel on those.

 But some of the employees who had the most challenges, we mimicked those checks in unit testing. So at that point, we had shaken out the system at least through unit testing to see where some of our issues were. That way, when we got to our first parallel in, system integrated testing was our first parallel, we already had resolved some of the system issues that we had been seeing and consequently, our first parallel was pretty clean. They ran the whole payroll themselves. I was able to be there with them, virtually through Microsoft Teams, as they were running it.

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