A Single Platform for all your Invoicing Needs

If you are looking for an API automation solution, you’ll know there are a ton on the market. This is mostly due to a lack of a single e-invoicing solution, which EDI has been attempting to fix for a long time (with moderate success). EDI is prevalent at a lot of organizations we work with, but it still leaves much to be desired.

Going back to what we discussed last week with vendor portals, when you have many vendors, typically each one will require a separate application or a completely custom solution that requires a massive amount of consulting hours to get it up and online. This brings us to one of the many advantages of using Yoga Content for AP. Bringing all of that to a single platform where we can share that type of relationship back and forth is what makes the most sense for everyone because every process in the procure-to-pay step touches each other.

Having an application that can manage it all and integrate directly with, for example, Infor CloudSuite FSM, is absolutely critical for an optimal solution. Additionally, it is being constantly improved in areas such as reporting and data analytics. With the type of insights we can build on our platform across all these disparate processes, the possibilities for additional improvements for Yoga Content for AP are practically limitless.

One such example is a vendor report card that can show vendor statistics, not only from an invoice perspective, but for purchasing and receiving. Being able to see all of this information in one place allows you to easily evaluate a vendor to see if it’s the right one to sign a contract with. We've talked a lot about P2P, but we can't forget about contracting since it’s a critical part of the process, as well. By putting these type of reports together, it helps our teams make informed data driven decisions for vendor contracting.

Next week, we’ll discuss why hosting Yoga Content on the Azure platform is ideal for this sleek, modern solution.

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