A Streamlined Experience with the Web UI Configuration Console

The console view is the first thing you see when you enter Configuration Console. Some key features are the search functionality, which means no more navigating through the tree as you do in Rich Client. It's very easy to come in here and search if you know the configuration name right off hand, or you can go by business class type and status. Some other things that we want to point out on the homepage are the edit and activate buttons, which let you edit the LPL once you find that configuration and make changes that way.

Infor has done a really nice job with improving the comparison utility. By looking at history versions of that configuration, you can actually see very easily any changes that have taken place. It's a little bit easier to navigate, as opposed to what's currently available in the Rich Client. When you've got changes, additions and deletes in the Rich Client, you've got a lot of lines crossed through and it makes it visually difficult. Here, you've got certain colors to highlight those significant changes.

One thing about the console view that takes away some longtime angst from a configuration console user is when you come in here, you no longer have to wait for those configurations to fully load. This means that when you launch configuration console in the Rich Client, it goes through and identifies everything to pull into that view. Depending on how many configurations you have in place, it can take a minute or so to really load. The same goes through when you are deleting a configuration, or if you add a new configuration, which the console sometimes automatically refreshes.

The Web UI version means that is no longer the case and it's not necessary to wait for that refresh to completely load. Along with this and the search functionality, you can very easily find what you're looking for, which is a welcome break from the tree structure. 

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