Action Reversals in Infor Global HR

The next thing we're going to discuss around data correction is action reversals. An example of when you would need this is to reinstate an employee into GHR who was terminated. The reinstate is a delivered action that network came out with maybe a year ago or longer and we think it's a pretty neat action. Basically, if an employee is terminated and their work assignment is inactive, this reinstate action becomes available so you can use it to un-terminate somebody.

You'll see I have my reinstate action available at the top on an employees profile. If I click reinstate, it's going to ask me for a reason - you can define any relevant reasons you want and submit. This action will revert it back to what the data was before, meaning the employee is now reinstated. All previously active work assignments will reappear the way they were prior to the term action.

Let's jump back to S3 and reverse an employee action in S3. Say there is a record sent down via the interface from DHR concerning a transferred employee. We can reverse an action for this employee on the PA52, which will pull up the original actions of the employee, company action, the original effective date, and inquiry (which we always switch to immediate yes). On the special processing tab, you can complete a process type of reverse action once you find the action number. 

Next week, we'll discuss the implications of deleting an action and relevant situations.

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