Adding Value Outside of the Core ERP System

Last week, we covered how you can add value to the core system delivered with the Infor Government Essentials program. For a public sector entity, the consideration should be on your resources that are outside the core system, so think something like utility billing. Where do you want to be able to start focusing more resources? Where do you want to direct someone’s time & attention who was previously working solely with the legacy system?

One of the things that we do is the value engineering proposition. This happens on the front end of a project and involves figuring out where the value lies for this customer. Along the lines of the 60/30/10 concept, most customers will find value in certain things, such as improving efficiency and streamlining processes. It is during this proposition that we try to help you figure out how to focus your resources after the migration is over, as well as eliminate any preconceived notions lingering from ERP systems of the past.

As someone who has worked in delivery, I've talked to a lot of customers who want the system to improve their operations. Well, that is not our job, nor is it the system’s – it’s your responsibility to figure out how to benefit from this change. If we put a system in place and tell someone that not only will it be easier to maintain, but it will make your life simpler and free up some hours, then they will find a way to use those hours. How exactly an organization chooses to use the extra time is up to them, and although we can make suggestions, only you can determine the most effective use of that time.

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