Addressing Cloud ERP Concerns, Straight from the TechPro Unicorn

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to help you see through the clouds of modern ERP systems and understand how to determine which product is right for you. I covered some general pros & cons of the most commonly discussed factors that would otherwise be buried by the vendors in ROI spreadsheets, algorithms and other glossy handouts.This all begs the question – where are my primary concerns? 

I am most worried about resources and the inevitable need for change management. This is a huge part of any cloud ERP undertaking for both the end users and the employees. Anyone receiving the outcome of this will need to be involved and communicated with throughout the life of the project.Another common concern is around when, why, and how to migrate.Take a step back and consider what needs are driving this project. This should be top of mind and easily explainable to someone who might want to know why they will be spending such a large chunk of money. 

Compliance is another issue. For example, ensuring you have addressed segregation of duties in the security setup of the new system often means dusting off work you did 15-20 years ago in your legacy system. Security is a concern many folks share due to storing of the organizations information in the cloud and sharing on a database server.While this is very true and a legitimate concern, today’s technology is close to perfect in terms of protections (and if there were a breach, there would be huge payouts to cover you).  

To summarize: why should you do this? Lower cost of implementation, improved employee experience, the performance benefits, and access to the better tools. Where do I see people failing? In the larger application strategy and long-term roadmap. Having a plan and executing against it will reap the biggest rewards, so there you have the Unicorn’s take on cloud ERP! 

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