AI & Machine Learning: The Future of Invoicing?

When it comes to Yoga Content, everything is modern, from the interface to the Azure platform. Azure benefits from the significant investment Microsoft has made to bolster its AI and machine learning capabilities, and especially its natural language processing capabilities. These language processing concepts have been prevalent in OCR systems for years, so it’s a big win to see the Azure platform make these advances.

AI has really come alive in the past five years and is now being discussed more than it ever was before. When you break down what AI is, there are several different components of it – machine learning and natural language processing are two, as is invoice imaging when it comes to its accounts payable automation. It’s necessary that the invoice process understands the context of invoice images and is able to intelligently identify which invoice goes with which vendor, every single time.

There is a limit on the size of your data sets, meaning you can typically only put so many types of invoices into certain machine learning data sets. However, with the advent of the cloud and basically unlimited storage, we are increasingly finding that different types of technologies can handle large data sets. There has been some novel use cases in AP specifically around using machine learning for user actions, GL coding, and routing.

Join us in the new year to learn about what we’ve got on the roadmap for Yoga Flexible Software in 2023!

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