An Efficient Decision Making Process

Joe Hoover: Last week, we discussed how the honest assessment of your staff's ability to be involved in the project is critical to its success.

Barbie Hunley: Something else that's super crucial is having an efficient and effective decision making process.

Joe Hoover: In that regard, what we're saying there is that again, it relates to empowerment we spoke of earlier. It's making the correct decisions at the right time with the right individual, that functional business-related decisions are done at the operational level. Cross-departmental, cross-organizational decisions are made at the steering committee or project sponsor level, but in all instances, they need to be as efficient and effective as possible. A decision that is made is a decision that is documented and Barbie, often we see in a lot of projects that are less successful re-deciding or opening up previous decisions and even in different phases of the project, and those just introduce a lot of rework and a lot of delays.

Barbie Hunley: Right. I think this kind of ties this one category together nicely because if you have that empowerment from that individual that made that business decision and they've documented it, then you aren't going back and revisiting or it's really easy to go back and say, "Oh yeah, we made this decision because of X, Y, and Z. And here's how it's been documented and here's the process." It really all ties in together.

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