An Introduction to Yoga Connect

As discussed last week, using Spreadsheet Designer Plus or IPA flows alongside the Infor Document Manager Bulk Import tool are both perfectly viable options when it comes to converting historical documents from a legacy system to a cloud-based one. A brand new option is now also available to the Infor community, and that is using the Yoga Connect IDM importer, a proprietary tool developed by RPI Consultants. This tool has a REST connector designed to receive all sorts of data from different systems. If we're looking at exporting documents from a Perceptive Content solution, Yoga Connect can leverage their iScripts. If historical documents are on a network drive or we want export them to one, we can use something like PowerShell to loop through those records and upload those to that REST connector. 

As each document comes in and is uploaded, Yoga Connect IDM importer “talks to” Infor and enriches the data provided to us with information from them. Once we’ve done that, we place that enriched data into Infor Document Management. This solution also allows us to export our different elements into a database or ECM software such as Perceptive Content, so we can store the information with that record as well. 

Now, let’s dive into how Yoga Connect interacts with data during this process. First, it enables you to handle any data exceptions within the source system where you are storing your documents. A good example of this is an invoice document. Typical index records for an invoice would be company, invoice number, purchase order number, and the invoice amount & date. Yoga Connect queries FSM for the payables invoice record for this data and stores it in IDM with the corresponding invoice number to ensure the records are related, but only if that data exists. If it doesn't, then you will run into some roadblocks. 

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