An Updated Report Console & LPL Viewer in the Web UI Configuration Console

Last week, we discussed the console view on the Web UI configuration console. There is also a report console, which is a very easy way to track down reports that have been generated and find out who they've been shared with and who authored which report. It provides an easy way to see the filter information defined on those reports, locate the source of certain data, as well as generate and edit the orientation of a PDF. 

This view was a little bit harder to navigate in Rich Client because it lacked some of these functionalities. Although you could find a report and edit it, you still had to navigate what could potentially be hundreds of list view reports to find the one you were actually looking for. Now, it's much easier to search and to go off of the LPL for the fields. Alongside the actual column names for the report, you've got the ability to edit and reset the LPL. If you choose to do the latter, it will take you back to the base and make your changes again from there.

The LPL viewer is a new piece of functionality that was introduced with the Web UI and is a personal favorite of the tech team at RPI. When looking at configuration console from a development perspective, it's very easy for users to search for the business class and find the base LPL that defines everything you're looking to do. Within the Web UI, this same developmental perspective focuses more on understanding LPL and how it works.

If you're not too familiar with LPL and you're trying to make configurations, the LPL viewer allows you to dive into similarly defined fields within the application to piggyback off what Infor has already delivered. This allows you to use that to make your edits, add fields, forms, business classes, reports, etc. Overall, a very cool tool that's helped immensely since its introduction.

Next week, we'll explain how easy it is to manage changes in this new system, as well as how to keep track of everything. 

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