Approvals & Imaging within Infor CloudSuite

Let's take a dive into invoice approvals, something Leigh is very passionate about. This area is something that we've worked a lot on with many organizations over the last two decades, and a big part of the work that he did when he started here with RPI Consultants was helping with the shared services and accounts payable department consolidations within the industry.

With Lawson as the current financial system, there's nothing on AP-20 that tells someone  what to do in order to release the invoice. That is information that needs to be in the minds of all your AP processors. The difference is night and day with CloudSuite and I do think it's one of the biggest wins. This is in addition to the new GL where the payables have become a real solution. It's a perfect example of how CloudSuite is based on workflow driven processes, since tracking the status of an invoice within the AP process is no longer a bolt-on fix, it’s a part of the application.

The most relevant finding we have is that most organizations will roll out non-PO invoice approval using the delivered workflow. The one that comes right out of system is flexible and super easy to turn on. If you do have more complex approval needs, you can go in and edit the underlying IPA flow. In the other half of that equation, we've got workflows that surrounds our AP data.

What about the imaging? Infor OS, the shared technology foundation for all of our CloudSuite apps, includes a highly capable, general, all-purpose document management solution. It's got some really nice internal integration to payables module, which makes it easy for processors and approvers to basically see a picture of that invoice right on the same screen as the relevant data.

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