Audit Inserts for Employee Records in Global HR

In recent weeks, our focus has been on addressing various ways to correct data within the GHR system. Some topics have included canceling future actions and understanding the total scope of a correction, so let’s continue by looking at audit inserts.

We will start this discussion in an employee’s record of history. A situation where this record might require an audit insert is if you receive a status change that they have a new position, but you realize when you go to their record that they've been working in a different position than they're already in. You would need to account for this history within their record, but the only problem is that this information is obsolete. It's no longer in their current record, but you still need it in their history somehow.

Using the audit log, you can make updates to this employee’s work assignment record. It is important to make the distinction that this is not the “options” audit log - we're going to use the “all actions” menu and click audit create. Select their new position, put in any relevant action data, tags, or subjects, and fill in any remaining fields before submitting the changes. This will take a minute because there's generally a lot of fields to fill out and most of the stuff on that page will not default.

If the changes are accepted, you should be able to see the new path you created for the dates where the audit insert is effective. There is another record showing that I've inserted data, and then there's data on top of it going back to the record before any changes were made. While this action is not likely to be one you will perform often, it is a viable option if you ever need to insert an audit.

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