RPI's CPA Team

RPI's CPA Team
As the CPA Practice Director, Chad Tucker provides oversight to the entire CPA team of architects, developers, and consultants, while also working on the frontlines himself to design and architect solutions that empower end users. He enjoys using his extensive knowledge and developer skills to liberate employees from the chains of “clerk work.” Mason Auch has a hearty enthusiasm for engineering and technology, a knack for common sense business process design, and a continual drive to push his boundaries and quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge. As one of our most celebrated consultants, he climbed the ladder from BA to Sr. Consultant faster than anyone in RPI history, and for good reason.
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A Day in the Life of a Managed Services Contract with RPI

What should you expect if you have a managed services contract with RPI? To start, we utilize an easy-to-use ticketing...

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OCR Fine Tuning with RPI’s Managed Services

Last week, we explained how RPI’s managed services offerings can be customized by Support Tiers. When it comes to the...

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Empowering Clients through Custom Managed Services

Now that we’ve covered the flexibility of a managed services agreement, let’s discuss how it can be customized. This...

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What Managed Services Could Be Is Up to You!

Lately, we’ve been discussing what is not managed services, so now let’s take a moment to dive into what it is and what...

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Ad Hoc Support and Managed Services Are Not The Same

Let’s expand on what we discussed last week in terms of a managed services offering versus an SMSA. To be entirely...

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Managed Services Offering vs. SMSA: What’s the Difference?

As discussed last week, there are a variety of challenges that come with retaining and managing top-level enterprise...

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How RPI’s ECM Managed Services Saves You Money

As we discussed last week, one option for filling gaps in your organization’s technical department is to purchase a...

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