Balancing Out Your Team with Managed Services

Let’s go a bit further into how you can balance your team using managed services. Suppose your organization is in the process of upgrading to the latest version of Hyland’s Perceptive Content ECM software. Generally speaking, when RPI has supported clients through this type of project, we find that they usually need end user training and support, training, as well as custom development and system optimization or fine-tuning. Many of these needs aren’t even known until later into the implementation process, so they can be difficult to anticipate. 

Companies going through the above process will ask their internal resources to be subject matter experts in various areas, while also supporting all of the edges. This means that not only are they tagging these high-end resources to be innovative and come up with enhancements, but they’re asking them to support end users at the same time, in addition to whichever other duties and responsibilities they may have. It can be very time-consuming trying to manage and balance all of this (especially with smaller technical support departments), and this is exactly where managed services offerings shine. It can help clients to get the most out of their technology stack by offering support solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and deliver measurable results. 

Streamlining resource communication, troubleshooting system issues, and maximizing the flow of information between systems are all critical elements when it comes to effectively managing any stack of enterprise technology solutions. Running systems smoothly (or efficiently, with the highest ROI) requires, ideally, project planning, change management, and knowledge expertise. Considering how specialized this knowledge is, when even a single subject matter expert leaves a team or company, it can create a huge knowledge vacuum. When this occurs, last-minute ad hoc support options are typically much more expensive than managed services - but also necessary for your organization to fill in the gaps. This is exacerbated by how much more difficult and expensive it has become to hire effective technical resources over the course of the past year! 

Please join us next week, when we will continue to dig deeper into how and why managed services - whether for Perceptive Content or other solutions - can save you money!  

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