An Improved Benefit Enrollment Process

It's amazing how all those countless projects and hours that we used to spend building things like approvals & imaging now essentially come out of the box. Another area that we're very passionate about in terms of new functionality is the benefit enrollment process - while this  existed in Lawson S3 in ESS, it was ugly, clunky, and required a ton of customization work every year.

For people that aren't terribly familiar with health insurance or other kinds of benefits, it's challenging enough making the right selections for you and your family, so you shouldn't have to be encumbered by a software application that’s difficult to use at the same time.

Where some organizations went the customization route, others completely outsourced it and ended up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone else to manage their open enrollment process. With CloudSuite, you get delivered a modern user experience that doesn't have all these extraneous steps and weird things. Because it's easy to edit and attach information to, the relevant benefit information can be there. Another really nice thing is that you can start the process and save it, which is great if you're not ready to go start to finish when you open it because you need to do some research or if you need to speak to your spouse about some of the options.

On the backend, its administration allows you to monitor how many folks have finished, how many folks have started, how many folks are in process, etc. It easily broadcasts follow-ups out to users, which makes the process of gathering lists easier. I know that even here at RPI, we have to follow up with a lot of folks to make sure that they finish it. That can be a real nightmare when you're talking about organizations that have thousands of employees.

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