Canceling a Future Action in GHR Multi-Tenant Payroll

We discussed how to properly handle the effective dated queue last week, so let’s cover canceling an action in there. If you realize that something was entered erroneously, like someone retired but then decided to come back, you have the ability to cancel this action if it's in the future.

Let’s look at a scenario where I have to cancel one employee and have someone else transfer out here. You can go ahead and hit cancel, removing that record from the effective dated queue entirely. Then you should go look at that employee’s record and audit log to see what effect the cancellation had. I use the full audit log because it shows corrections, in addition to the normal things that have happened.

When you look at the future effective dated action that you canceled, you’ll notice it's in the future still but crossed out to tell you that it won’t happen. However, it will still show in this audit log that at some point, somebody thought this should happen, but it has since been canceled. If I go to the regular audit log for this employee, this update should not show since this view does not show all the corrections.

One thing everyone should to keep in mind is that canceling an action or changing a future date in the effective dated queue does not affect the export records at all. Once you've made a change in the system, you have to manually reflect this change in the export records yourself.

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