The Challenge of Being on Lawson in 2021

One of the biggest challenges is operating within an environment where other organizations in your industry have moved on to a more modern system—meaning that they're able to operate a little bit more efficiently and that they're able to do more with less. This situation puts your organization at risk of being outpaced by your competitors, so when you bring on new employees that have experience in your industry, they might find that the software you have in place no longer meets the needs of the business the way they're used to running it.

Some of the core differentiators of this next generation of ERP are the fact that they are more process oriented, they're not just transactional databases. They have an increased application footprint that allows you to reduce some point solutions in addition to being multi-tenant cloud based. This means less maintenance at work internally for yourself, but also that the software vendor is able to provide a more competitive cost for the solution itself. We're going to be digging into all three of those excellent points over the course of this series.

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