Choosing the Right Functional Team Leads & Super Users is Crucial for a Payroll Implementation

For an organization going through a GHR payroll implementation, ensuring the right people are at the table doing the work is so crucial to the success of their project. Their hands-on involvement will help you immensely during the design phase since they are familiar with the pain points and might have an idea about improving your daily business processes. Aside from having enough resources involved and making decisions, they need to have the capacity to take on what is required of them for the duration of the project.

When you're identifying a functional team lead, they don't have to be the person who designs everything or who is deep in the weeds, but they do need to be someone who is responsible for making decisions. If they don't have those abilities, then they need to ensure that all necessary information is taken up with whatever governance committee makes those decisions for your organization.

Another role that’s important to fill with the right person is the super user. Since they are the subject matter experts, they are also the ones who test and validate everything to make sure that the functionality is correct. If this super user is the one actually doing the work on your end for the duration of the implementation, your organization has a higher chance of a success in the long run.

The super user is the one who learns in-depth building maintenance and integration of system files. You can't rely on your implementation partner to do this work for you because you'll own the system once they're gone. If you have somebody that feels comfortable with what the build looks like and why certain decisions were made, understanding the downstream effects if or when your organization wants to make changes, acquire new organizations, scale, etc.

Something else to add is that every touch point a person has in the software enhances their training. In our experience, user acceptance is greatly improved when they have exposure to data conversion. Being involved in the migration of everything is important because understanding how much information will be brought into the system helps to identify the scope of moving the data over.

A key tip is that directly involving the people who actually doing the payroll processing is so valuable. With all its complexities and the tax requirements, there's a lot of specific knowledge that would aid the design and configuration of the system. Obviously, this isn't the only reason payroll should be calculated correctly, but it’s one we like to remind people to take into consideration. This also goes for any other areas within the organization that affects payroll, like benefits and HR – those people definitely should have a say since it will eventually impact your employees pay.

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