Considerations Before Selecting a Go-Live Date for GHR Payroll

Last week, we discussed how to create the business case for GHR Payroll. One of the most important questions to answer is when do you think you can implement it? Once you're on GHR, you can start looking at a go-live date. We recommend January 1 - it's the cleanest way to do payroll and payroll history, year to date payroll, and a W2 all in one system. Once a go-live date has been set, then you have to decide when you will decommission S3.

Something to consider is how a customer already running payroll may impact your implementation. The Infor community has around 20 organizations that are live on payroll, so when you think about this in relation to how many partners there are to work on each project, there aren't enough available to do these projects in 2025 or 2026. If you are in a position to get this project started earlier, maybe by doing some pre-planning, cleaning up your master data, or making sure everyone is on the same page, make sure to do that. Engage with a partner to start the process, or at least lock down a partner to help you with as opposed to waiting until the last second.

If you were involved in the V9 to V10 upgrades, then you know that by the end of life, there just weren't enough resources in the partner community and Infor to get everybody up in time. It meant a lot of organizations had to spend extra money on maintenance and licensing to hold them over until they can get up to the latest version. Getting ahead of v11 would definitely help mitigate this risk for your organization.

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