Converting Documents with IDM & IPA Flows

Last week, we discussed the pros & cons of using Spreadsheet Designer Plus to convert historical documents for migration from a legacy on-premises system to a cloud-based environment. A second option for how to enrich data for this type of task is to use an IPA flow for data enrichment and mapping. Both of these methods will still use the Infor Document Manager Bulk Import Utility Tool post-data enrichment. For this method, first the data is uploaded to IDM and then it is important to update each record with the unique FSM attributes using an IPA flow. Finally, we review the IPA logs to ensure all documents have been uploaded successfully. 

One obvious pro to using the IDM Bulk Import Utility Tool in combination with an IPA flow is there is less manual work required than with spreadsheets. Taking an Excel document and moving it into an IPA flow can speed the process up, leveraging the IPA flows to update attributes so there is less chance for user error. This process is not without cons though, as the exception records can be difficult to handle when using an IPA flow to clean them up. It requires us to either write that data out to a database or to parse through our logs at the end of that IPA flow, which can be difficult depending on the data size. Another thing to keep in mind is that looping through a million records in an IPA flow presents a substantial time consideration, which is why it’s crucial to focus on chunking those down to a more manageable size. One way we can do this is by using the Created Month feature to speed up data enrichment and processing in an IPA flow. 

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