Data Correction in the GHR System

Following our discussion around inputting historical payroll data, we want to go over correcting data within the GHR system. Our general approach is to first identify all the data and subsequent actions or processes that may have been affected by this error. You might have implications down the road for absence management or benefits where somebody changed eligibility. Now you need to end their benefit plans or stop deductions out of the export. Other issues like incorrectly transferring someone, or even hiring or terminating somebody also have occurred, so be sure to take stock of everything.

It's entirely possible that you have to take a few steps down the road and do some other corrections, like a custom action or something that kicks off of a data update. Keep in mind all of the things that you have within your system that might have to be corrected but also remember – time is on your side. You don't want to panic and try to run and correct everything as soon as possible, but the sooner you correct something, the fewer steps you'll have to take to complete the correction.

One of those factors is the interface between GHR and S3. If you have this turned on, the first thing you want to do is figure out what data needs to be corrected. Did the erroneous update create any eligibility records or enrollment records or anything else that needs to be fixed in addition? Did it change anything that will be interfaced to us? If yes, has that interface already run? There are a couple places in here that we can stop it without affecting S3. You want to know if that interface has already run or if the LT111 has already processed a change? If it has, if you still maintain your benefits or absence or any other eligibility related data in S3, did that process any updates over there? Proper data correction requires digging into all these little details to make sure it doesn’t happen on your next update.

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