Defining Your Organization's Infor CloudSuite Business Case: Part 2

In order to prepare to launch a CloudSuite project, you should lead your team through a bit of a pre-planning exercise to get yourselves ready. At a high level, that means figuring out the right scope for your organization and your timeline roadmap. Where does it make sense to start migrating to CloudSuite? Should you do the migration in phases if you're talking about bringing over a three-suite Lawson application in your medium to large size entity?

There are a handful of different paths that you could take in terms of phasing and timing, so start laying out that roadmap to see where you have consensus within your organization. Everyone should agree on what makes sense for the different times of year, especially when considering other application upgrades or changes within the enterprise IT infrastructure that might coincide with the migration. For example, we talked about lining up a payroll implementation alongside a time and attendance system, since there's interdependencies between those two.

You want to start by figuring out the high level timeline and scope before considering what development artifacts potentially need to be brought forward. A lot of those are going to be interfaces because when you’re moving to the cloud, it still requires a lot of interfaces to other systems and the technology that's used for interfaces to cloud based systems is pretty different. So that's something you can start cataloging now. Moreover, you can start to get a handle on what that work effort is going to be, because it might be significant. You really want to know what level of staff augmentation or external help you might require, and during which phases of the project. Along with the exercises mentioned above,  the same attention should be applied to any customizations, as well as the big-ticket reporting or analytics needs that might be mission critical.

Hopefully, these will be out-of-the-box from CloudSuite, but you want to understand the implications if you're going to need to work through some of those.

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