EDI & OCR Processing Capabilities in Yoga Content

Our introduction to Yoga Content last week provided a brief overview of some of what this premium service can offer. EDI capabilities are another cool feature, so let’s take a look at that. Something we add when converting documents through Yoga is an EDI image generator. This allows us to send in EDI files (anything from an EDI 8.10, 8.55, 8.60) and then generate images to return those back to IDM. Not only are we getting those images back, but we can also process the untranslated images. This means if we have an issue with a PO line that did not interface correctly, we can troubleshoot it by leveraging that image to see which line was originally sent. 

When looking at Yoga Content from an AP processing perspective, on the left-hand side of the application screen there are traditional views a processer can work from, with the invoice image in the middle. On the right-hand side, there is a form showing the individual invoice lines. Along with this form, there is also data validation and other items or information that can be tailored based on each client’s individual business needs. 

Another important thing to mention about Yoga Content is that it is OCR-agnostic. Presently, the AI cognitive services machine learning space is very dynamic, so Yoga Content is intentionally being developed to remain nimble so it can consume what is considered best-in-class, at any given moment. Another advantage is that with Yoga Content, an organization is not tied down to a single OCR tool – it will use the one that works best for each document type. 

Next week, we will conclude this blog series by discussing user interaction and document management. Hope to see you there!

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