Empowering Clients through Custom Managed Services

Now that we’ve covered the flexibility of a managed services agreement, let’s discuss how it can be customized. This boils down to how much assistance is estimated to be needed, which type(s) of assistance are needed, and which combination of resources are the best fit, depending on the systems and solutions in place. It is of the utmost importance that consultants with appropriate skills and knowledge levels are involved and actively working on client teams as a seamless addition. 

At RPI, we focus on client empowerment. You probably already know this if you’ve worked with us before or are an active client, but we want to reiterate this for anyone new here. We tailor our support offerings to client’s specific needs and budget to empower them to stay focused on their core business processes. 

Here’s an example of how this can work. While your organization may need a resource three days a week, another client might require five days a week. You may need a resource for six months at first, but then realize you need them for a whole year. These resources may be for different functional areas or have varying specialties, depending on the gaps your organization is looking to fill. Maybe you need a Perceptive Content expert to support one area, but you also need help with database administration. We can balance out your requirements so that we have multiple resources available when you need them. The skills levels and costs of the resources themselves is also scalable. In some cases, an RPI Business Analyst may be the perfect fit, while in other situations, RPI Senior or Principal Consultants can be brought in to assist. 

Next week, we will explain how our support tiers work to further customize managed services offerings to each client’s specific needs. 

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