Enhancing the Infor Process with Yoga Content

Our main goal with Yoga Content is ensuring our product offerings are synergizing together and serve more than one purpose. It's not just an AP automation tool with OCR invoicing because we expanded to provide the entire procure to pay and bring in automation steps throughout that entire process. All of this complements the Infor solution – we're not trying to redesign anything that tool is doing, but there are additional areas that we can enhance to help make sure the Infor process is efficient.

We have another big product coming out shortly after the Yoga launch, which is our packing slip solution. This enhancement is very similar to the way we do invoice automation. Since we get a lot of paper that comes in our receiving docs, it’s a real advantage to be able to scan them into a system, have them OCR'd and automatically attached to a receiver when we're trying to do that three way matching issues. It gives you the purchase order that was built in Infor, your receiver and documentation, and your invoice and your invoice image. It’s all right there, available to you and able to assist during that match resolution step.

The packing slips one has levels to it. At its base, you can just OCR the purchase order and make sure it gets indexed. Not a lot of organizations are doing that today, but it’s a quick and easy win that you can do. Consider how much time it takes to enter that type of stuff in manually and you’ll see that it's an easy win to be able to attach those. We have a more advanced version on our roadmap that involves taking those packers and turning them into receipt lines versus doing the receiving, but that’s for a more mature stage.

This process goes right in hand with the Infor solution, and even the mobile supply chain system as well. Like we said earlier, it’s about being able to enhance it and consider everything from a holistic approach in those resolutions.

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