Ensuring You Have Enough Time for Data Conversions

I’ve been working at RPI for the last three years, but I have 36 years of IT experience and specialize in data conversion. In order to have a successful project, you want to be sure you have the proper resources, so conversion is one of them. You'll need key expert on your side that knows Infor Process Automation (IPA), as well as someone that knows all the applications on the database side that can do a data assessment, data validation, and all your resources on HR benefit and Payroll. Also, you need some good, strong representative on all those components, those module for conversion process.

Timing is also another topic that should be kept in mind. The duration of a project should allow for several conversions, which is why it is essential to do a practice run. Make sure you are improving the process and streamlining everything. Fine tune all your conversion issues, data issues, and different mapping needed to fix all those things. Normally we do unit test, system tests, UAT, and sometimes we do add payroll parallel testing. We do this to make sure you didn't affect your payroll process either on S3 or on CloudSuite.

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