Ensuring Your Team is Prepared to Accept Business Process Changes

Barbie Hunley: The last item for our business processes is the organization actually accepts changes in the business processes.

Joe Hoover: What helps in that area is the goal of standardization, right? The more the organization can accept standardization, the more simple and more consistent the outcomes are. When we talk about change management and accepting the business processes, there must be a reasonable balance between understanding those new processes and accepting them.

I know we are all thinking humans are averse to change, but we're not. If you and I were suddenly forced to use a different word processor or a different kind of presentation tool tomorrow, we would not be happy, right? That’s why it's very important that the business processes are accepted – the way this happens is by demoing the system as quickly as possible, even if it isn’t completely built out. Having folks getting familiar with what it looks like and knocking down the fear that they're not sure that the future process will meet the same requirements as a current process will get them ready for the product ahead of the go-live.

Barbie Hunley: Absolutely. As always, it goes back to our people that executive support and that top-down approach. Support those who are developing these business processes by understanding it's for the greater good and for the growth of the organization.

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