Your Data is Secure with the CloudSuite Public Sector Essentials Package

Infor is a leading provider of cloud applications to both small and large government entities. Seventeen of the twenty largest cities in North America use Infor solutions to power their communities. As an Infor CloudSuite Essentials Partner, RPI is excited at the additional tools this program provides us in our continued pursuit to help public sector organizations achieve their goals.

Government agencies require a unique level of security to support regulatory compliance laws, among other public sector requirements, which is why the Infor CloudSuite Public Sector Essentials package is deployed via AWS cloud services. The development and implementation teams at Infor have worked to guarantee that all points of the migration process have tested controls and compliance to eliminate unauthorized data access and lower the risk of ransomware attacks.

The needs of the workforce are changing, and it is important now more than ever to reflect those needs in the systems we interface with daily. That is why the Essentials package is built with a mobile-first functionality and configured for rapid deployment, allowing departments to eliminate data silos that are costly to manage. In addition to a full-disaster recovery protocol, Infor’s Cloud deployment includes scalability for applications and automatic system updates, as well as secure online transactions that are flexible and easy to use. In a few months, RPI will be hosting an in-person training session for the Essentials package, so stay tuned to learn more!

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