Functional Team Leads & Super Users: The Hands-On People

Today, we would like to provide an overview of what the roles and responsibilities are on the client side during a payroll implementation. As we discussed recently, it’s vitally important to have the right people at the table doing the work. The biggest reason is that their hands-on involvement will put them in a position to help you during design because they'll already know the pain points.

When we talk about this functional team lead, this doesn't have to be the person that designs everything or who is deep in the weeds, but we need somebody that's responsible for making decisions. If this person is not that decision maker, they need to ensure that that is taken up with whatever governance committee makes that decision for your organization.

Another role that’s important to fill with the right person is the super user. Since the super users are the subject matter experts, they're the ones that will do the testing and validation and making sure that the functionality is correct. You will be so much more successful in the long run if this super user is the one actually doing the work on your end for the duration of the implementation.

The super user learns in-depth building maintenance and integration of system files. Although we love doing the work for you guys, you’ll be the ones who own the system afterward. If you have somebody that feels comfortable with what the build looks like and why certain decisions were made, you’ll be able to understand the downstream effects if or when your organization wants to make changes, acquire new organizations, scale, etc.

One other thing to add is every touch point a person has in the software is part of the training. As far as user acceptance goes, it’s helpful to have exposure to data conversion. Being involved in the migration of everything is an important aspect to the success of a project because understanding how much information will be brought into the system identifies what the scope of moving the data over.

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