Getting in the CloudSuite Mindset

The bottom line when it comes to moving to the cloud is ensuring end users are engaged and involved in this project to help work through any issues in a constructive way. Although an executive might be able to talk about the value of having a cloud-based modern enterprise application that features better reporting and is always up to date, that same executive probably doesn't know how to sit down and correctly process an AP invoice.

Let me add that this is a nuanced issue within organizations, and it depends heavily on the people that you're dealing with. That means there will be some areas that are more change resistant than others. Bear in mind that they did not get to make a decision because in AP, nobody gets to vote whether they're moving to CloudSuite or not. It's going to disrupt the way that department does business – it's going to change things, it's going to look different, and it's going to feel different.

The second challenge we have on these projects in that the cloud is multi-tenant, so the updates keep coming. Like Leigh mentioned earlier, when you look at potentially doing a training video, it requires a little bit of a change in mentality. You might want to do it two months after you go live and things have settled down a little bit, so it doesn't become immediately obsolete because you’re still getting used to the system.

Remember, the system is always changing. That's just a different way to think about adopting an enterprise application. It's been really different in the past where people who have been through previous projects have this mindset that things really need to be locked in and ready to go. Once you start moving, the road's always stretching out in front of you. So you need to be prepared to be little bit more flexible.

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