Getting Up to Speed on Technical Development & CloudSuite

We’ve been discussing technical development and some of the things you can get squared away ahead of a CloudSuite implementation. Getting up to speed on the various tools and technologies that are going to come into play is important, so to tell us more about that, we have one of our lead developers and principal technical consultant, Mr. Jeremy Stoltzfus.

“Technical development and CloudSuite is a big deal. As clients migrate from their version 10 system or a different system, there's a lot of components that need to be updated or built brand new to allow businesses to achieve their business processes. I’ve seen a mixed approach with clients getting up to speed with development tools and the technology – I would recommend some initial training, especially when you're talking about configuration console and security changes, differences with IPA in CloudSuite. This will also help rewire their brain from what they were used to in version 10, as well as bring in those concepts and to show the client what can be accomplished.

What I've found to be successful throughout the life of a project is to not necessarily focus on learning everything all at once in that initial training. Instead, take in the real-world examples and what's actually on the development list and apply that to the developers. As the consultant, I will walk you through that in guided sessions where the team works together while I show you how something could be accomplished. We use those as examples throughout the entire development phase so that you're not overwhelmed with information all at once.

I think overall clients are finding it a little bit challenging to get up to speed on the new tools in CloudSuite. Most clients are familiar with Infor Process Automation or IPA, and not every client is familiar with configuration console. Additionally, there are some differences with IPA when it comes to developing in a CloudSuite environment, so there’s definitely a little bit of a learning curve as well.”

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